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The idea of bringing Casino Gambling to Massachusetts has been around for some time, but the gambling scene has not been able to launch. There are several groups that are lobbying to bring the source of revenue to the state. As of right now the state is in a terrible economic spot. They are in the process of taxing their residents in order to try to get the money that they need to stay afloat. Obviously the people of Massachusetts are not happy with taxes and many have decided that they would like to push with some of their politicians to get casinos into the state.

There are huge economic benefits predicted from the potential presence of these casinos. Some supporters of casino gambling predict that there would be 15 thousand permanent jobs that would exist because of the casino industry. This would be a huge boost to the economy alone. However, there are other economic benefits that would result as well. The state itself would make an estimated 355 million dollars in revenue on an annual basis. This is a huge sum of money that would be available.

Many people also argue that they economy would be spiked because the casinos would draw people to other industries in the area. The tourist sites, restaurants and hotels around the casinos would all receive more business with the growing tourism in the area to visit the casinos. There are many people in the state that are still against casinos in the state. These groups have a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs. Many religious groups are against gambling and feel like it is immoral activity. There are other people that are pushing against gambling for non religious reasons. Because of this the state has still been unable to pass the bills to this point. There are plans presented that would bring a few casinos into the state. As time goes on the likelihood of casinos entering the state become higher. However, many legislative leaders have said that it is very unlikely that they will return to session for this subject. If that is the case then casino gambling would not kicked off during this year.

While there is very little chance the casinos come into the state in the very immediate future, there is little doubt that casinos will find their way into the state in time. Around the world there are countries that have not allowed gambling online or in casinos. As time as passed these countries have softened their stance to these forms of gambling because of the potential revenue. As the United States continues to struggle in their economy there is a greater chance that the individual states will give in and allow casinos to come in order to climb out of debt.
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