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Web Proxy

Are firewalls preventing you from accessing Facebook and other social networks? Is a strict boss or teacher preventing you from catching up on your fix of gossip even when you're on a break? Beat the system the easy way and use a web proxy to unblock Facebook at school/work and read your vital news instantly! It really couldn't be simpler.

Many companies and schools set up firewalls to prevent wastage of time, virus attacks or access to inappropriate materials. It just so happens that most of these firewalls are set up to include most major social networking sites and can potentially block you from using their computers to get onto Facebook. So how is it possible to beat these kill joys who block the all important networking tool, cutting us off from the lives and goings on of our friends and family?

The process is really very simple. Firstly, you discover any one of a vast number of online proxy websites, which will allow you quick and safe access to the banned sites. This shouldn't be too hard as a search engine will throw out hundreds of hits in just a few moments. Secondly, do make sure that you only use ones which are popular and that seem to be well used or recommended in forums, or you might find yourself becoming a victim of hackers. The last thing you want is a quick Facebook visit to cost you is your privacy and personal information!

Thirdly and finally, once you have found a decent Web Proxy and you are sure that it is genuine, it really couldn't be easier to use. Simply enter the web address you wish to visit, click and then hey presto, you're surfing with a brand new IP address to freely visit previously blocked sites. As you have a new IP address, this will bypass Facebook that earlier was blocked, so now you can go wherever you choose.

Of course we're not recommending that you spend all of your time slacking off and surfing the web but everyone is entitled to spend their break times and lunch breaks however they so choose. Why should it be up to other people to decide what you do with your own free time? So long as you're no doing anything that could be potentially damaging to the company, school or college then use this web proxy are great to access your Facebook account, when you want to see it.

Internet websites is growing more popular by the day, and there should be no reason that you do not have access to it just because some school/work has been blocked to access it. Web Proxy allow you to get back your account immediately, login your favorite sites, download, send messages and more action to stay connected with your friend/family.

Unblock Websites Access

So the moment this happened not only did we put up daily letters of protest in the daily newsletter, but we were also working towards a way how to unblock websites at school/work. How do you unblock it's very important because the system administrator had decided not to route traffic to most websites. We would need to find a way to bypass websites being blocked from our internet network.

Web Proxy Proxy Solution

However, you can find a Web Proxy to get you right back on favorite sites. What this does for us is it unblocks the limited access to it with immediate effect. The genius part about this online tool that it's relatively simple to use, you do not need to setting your computer to do so. It is really easy and you should always use this cause it also increases your privacy online. Just visit your sites with this web vtunnel and click Go! and you will be back to your social freedom. Enjoy it!

Proxy helps you browsing unblocked websites. Once you are connected to internet with proxy, your IP address is hidden. This is called "anonymous browsing" and by visiting website with proxy, you can convinced that all of your private information, browser type, and real IP address are untraceable. By hiding your real IP address you can actually browse of major websites that cannot be accessed before. You will appear as anonymous and hence there is no problem accessing your favourite sites.

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